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WAESOL Educator is the biannual, professional, peer-reviewed, online journal of the Washington Association for the Education of Speakers of Other Languages (WAESOL) organization. WAESOL Educator publishes articles concerning the teaching of language in elementary and secondary education, higher education, adult education, and bilingual education, as well as teacher preparation for pre-service and in-service teachers. 

The two main goals of WAESOL Educator are to share information related to language teaching practices, materials, research, and professional development opportunities and to support and mentor potential authors who teach, conduct research, administer programs, and/or study in classrooms with multilingual learners. All manuscripts receive a double-blind review.

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Winter 2022 Issue

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Summer 2021 Issue

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Winter 2021 Issue

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Summer 2020 Issue

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Summer 2019 Issue

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Winter 2019 Issue

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Spring 2017 Issue

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