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The submission deadline for the Fall 2018 issue is October 5, 2018.

Spring 2018 Issue

Message from WAESOL President

Message from the Editor

Conference Reviews

Roth, M. –  TESOL Policy & Advocacy Summit

Lesmeister, M. –  Metacognition & Mindfulness Conference

School, Learner, or Teacher Profiles

Marcia Arthur Interview

 From the Field: Teaching Reflections and Teaching Tips

Wood, D. –  An Eclectic’s Guide to Teaching

Kehe, D. –  Want Your Students to Seem More Likeable?

               Weimer, J. –  Where’s That in the Text?

 Scholar-Practitioner Articles

Vralstad & Reeves –  Finding a Voice in Standard American English

Shulze, J. –  Teachers as Language Detectives

Albalawi, A. –  The Effectiveness of Corrective Feedback

Ryan, C.  –  Thoughts of a Place

               Poblet & Toof  –  Making Changes That Matter

         2017 Grants and Awards Recipients

                 Gonzaga – Spokane Public Schools Summer Language Program

                 Reading Around the Forest Program at Sherwood Forest Elementary

                 Professional Development Grant

                 Suzanne Norring – Excellence in Teaching Award

                 Ibtesam Hussain – Sally Wellman Volunteer Award

Calendar of Events

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June 2018              

Spring 2017 Issue

You may download the full version of our WAESOL Educator Spring 2017 issue or access each article individually below:

Message from WAESOL President

Message from the Editor

School, Learner, or Teacher Profiles:  

Michele Leistmeister Interview.

From the Field: Teaching Reflections and Teaching Tips

Poblet, I. Talking Circles in the ELL Classroom. 

Utton, A. -Ed in the Present Simple.

Scholar-Practitioner Articles

Reeves, L. “Interconnectedness” Through Daily Writing: Orchardists’ Daughters Tell Their Stories.

Cordova, R. The Knowledge Gap: What Mainstream Teachers Know about Teaching ELLs in the Spokane Public Schools.

Alqahtani, N. Thesis Statement as a Struggle for ESL Students.

Wakeman, J. Native-Like Pronunciation vs Comprehensibility.

ELT Resources

Yu, X. Three Useful features of Compleat Lexical Tutor (v.8) for Vocabulary Teaching.

Elturki, E. Interactive Language Learning Opportunities for Beginner and Intermediate English Language Learners.

Darragg, J. “Let Me Help You Find Your Way Home”: Including the Refugee Experience in the Language Classroom.

Conference Reviews

Fox, L. WAESOL Professional Development Grant Recipient Report.

Shelton, H. Conference Cross-Talk: Tracing Across Repertoires/Resources.

Olson, J. TESOL Conference Review.

Calendar of Events

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School, Learner, or Teacher Profiles

Would you like your school to be featured in our publication? Do you have a story to tell about a student or a colleague at your institution? Have your students interviewed each other? Let us know if you would like to be featured in our next publication. Contact us for more information on the format.

Submissions can be in Q and A format, or third-person profile. We welcome an informal, open tone. This section is intended to make it easier for members to reach out and get to know each other. You may want to include related social media links to help members connect or follow the person/institution featured. Photos help put faces to names, so include one if at all possible! See this page for an example.

From the Field: Teaching Reflections and Teaching Tips

Do you have classroom experiences or activities that may be useful for other practitioners?

Submit an article of up to 1100 words reflecting on your teaching experiences. You may also write about a recent lesson you have taught, describing the population, objectives, materials used, different stages, and the outcomes. Please list any citations at the end of the reflection or activity in APA format. Optional: include any original materials or open access web resources.

Scholar-Practitioner Articles 

This is a space for you to submit research articles based on a current problem of practice or current teaching context.  Articles should not be over 1500 words (excluding references). Please follow APA guidelines.

Academic Corner: Book and Article Reviews

Let us know about any books or interesting articles you have read lately by writing a summary and a short reflection.Reviews should be approximately 500 words.

ELT Resources Review 

We are interested in hearing about textbooks, materials, websites, blogs, or specific resources you would like to recommend to the greater WAESOL community. If interested, please write a 300-word summary of the resource describing its purpose, how you have utilized it in your context, and why you believe this resource may be useful to other professionals in the field.

Conference Reviews and Professional Development 

Have you attended a captivating or thought-provoking session lately? Do you have insights to share about a recent conference you attended? Share your experience with the rest of the community by telling us all about it in 1000 words or less.

Live Calendar 

Do you know of any regional professional development opportunities (courses, conferences, seminars) taking place this year? Please let us know!