Summer 2022 47(2)

Title Page and Table of Contents

Letter from the President by Christina Mitma Momono

Letter from the Editor by Bridget Green

From the Field

3   Building Investment and Engagement through Community-Linked Literacy Projects by Anny Fritzen Case & Marcy Ray Dodd

6   Supporting Multilingual Students with Universal Design: Four Practices I Wish My Teachers Had Incorporated in the Classroom by Andy Laverne

9   How Are Dual Language Teachers Pivoting to Overcome Challenges? Evidence-based Strategies for Bilingual English-Spanish Instruction by Viviana Hall

14  Planning Assessment within a Task-based Instructional Approach by Gordon Moulden

18  Invention and Reciprocity: Teacher Development in the Gonzaga ESL Community Outreach (GECO) Program by Sarah Griffith, Sara Hanson-Lynn, Andrea Hayes, James Hunter, Mary Jeannot, & Analee Scott

27  Teaching Tip: What Do You See? by Cynthia Putnam


30  Using Proficiency Level Descriptors to Plan Instruction and Assess Multilingual Learners by Lynn Shafer Willner, Kristin Percy Calaff, Margo Gottlieb, & Fernanda Marinho Kray

35  Teacher Play: Regaining a Sense of Playfulness in the Classroom by David Martin

38  Aspects of Multilingual Writing of Biology Laboratory Reports by Anna-Karin Roo & William B. Davis

42  Recruiting Diverse and Multilingual Teachers by Teresa Carmack & Christina Brando-Subis

Book & Article Reviews

46  Next Steps in the Transformation of ELT: Considering Motha’s Race, Empire, and English Language Teaching by Anna Ciriani-Dean & Shélynn Riel

48  A New English Grammar Has All the Answers by Ayuko Momono & James Hunter

50  101 EFL Activities for Teaching University Students by Jonathan Turner

52  Writing for Speaking: Engaging Students through Speed Dating by Andrea Rakushin Lee

ELT Resources Review

54 The Google Sheets Activity Maker that Dreams are Made of by Lisa Chanthavisay-Greenfield

Teacher Profiles

56  When Your Confidence is Kidnapped: The Journey from Insecure Immigrant to Self-Assured ESL Teacher and Advocate by Selene Bernal & Josephine Prado

Grants & Awards: Reports

59  Project Funding Grant: Jana Ewing

60  Project Development Grant: Heather Randolph

60  Outstanding Volunteer Award: Martin Quarto

61  Sally Wellman Outstanding Volunteer Award: Andrea Mason Garner

WAESOL News: Thank you

63  Martha Savage: Esteemed Colleague and Mentor