Real Learning in a Virtual Space

At WAESOL, we want to encourage you in your continued efforts to support your students and develop as teaching professionals. To this end, we were honored to launch WAESOL Online in April 2020, attracting a great many participants.

WAESOL Online is excited to be back in 2024.

Thank you for those who attended the recent training on May 4th. There are several others in the works for this summer.
If you are interested in providing a two-hour online training, please contact joan@waesol.org .

Visualize Your Research: A Workshop on Academic Poster Design

  • Saturday, August 24, 2024
  • 1:00 to 3:00 PDT
  • Online

Join this workshop to master the art of crafting impactful academic posters. This comprehensive session covers from proposal writing strategies to fundamental design principles and hands-on practice with Canva. Participants will learn how to arrange content for maximum readability, use captivating visuals, and maintain coherence in their posters. Through practical exercises and real-world examples, attendees will develop a keen eye for design and enhance their ability to communicate complex ideas concisely and persuasively.

With step-by-step guidance, participants will explore Canva’s features to create polished, professional posters, regardless of their design experience. Whether crafting eye-catching visuals or refining layout elements, this hands-on segment ensures participants leave equipped with practical skills applicable to their own research projects. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your research poster at your next conference.

  • Mastering Proposal Writing: Equip participants with essential techniques to craft compelling proposals for academic poster sessions, ensuring higher acceptance rates.
  • Design Fundamentals: Delve into the principles of effective poster design, including layout, visual hierarchy, and content organization, to create visually appealing and informative posters.
  • Practical Application with Canva: Provide hands-on guidance on leveraging Canva, an online design tool, to translate ideas into professional-quality posters, fostering confidence and proficiency among participants.
Presenter: Estephanie López Contreras 

Estephanie López Contreras is a teaching assistant at Washington State University’s Department of Teaching and Learning, specializing in language-teaching methodologies, UDL, MLLs, and English language development. With a passion for fostering inclusivity in diverse classrooms, she is committed to developing innovative language-teaching methodologies responsive to culturally and linguistically diverse learners’ needs. Recently graduating with a Ph.D. in Language, Literacy, and Technology, Estephanie’s teaching underscores her dedication to integrating technology into education. She believes in technology’s transformative potential and continuously seeks ways to apply it effectively to enhance learning experiences for all students.

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Each training is $25 for WAESOL members, $30 for non-members. Be sure to become a WAESOL member prior to registering to ensure member pricing. All sessions qualify for WA State clock hours ($3/hour).

If you are interested in providing an on-line training through WAESOL Online, please contact joan@waesol.org with your ideas for a 2-hour online training.