Spring 2017

Message from WAESOL President by Caroline Payant

Message from the Editor by Laura Adele Soracco

School, Learner, or Teacher Profiles

WAESOL Educator: Michele Leistmeister Interview

From the Field: Teaching Reflections and Teaching Tips

Talking Circles in the ELL Classroom by Inés Poblet

-Ed in the Present Simple by Alfred Utton

Scholar-Practitioner Articles

“Interconnectedness” Through Daily Writing by LaVona L. Reeve

The Knowledge Gap: What Mainstream Teachers Know about Teaching ELLs in the Spokane Public Schools by Rosa Cordova

Thesis Statement as a Struggle for ESL Students by Nouf Alqahtani

Native-Like Pronunciation vs Comprehensibility Teaching Japanese Learners English Pronunciation by Julie Wakeman

ELT Resources

Three Useful Features of Compleat Lexical Tutor (v.8) for Vocabulary Teaching by Xiaoli Yu

Interactive Language Learning Opportunities for Beginner and Intermediate ESL Learners by Eman Elturki

“Let Me Help You Find Your Way Home”: Including the Refugee Experience in the Language Classroom by Janine J. Darragh

Conference Reviews

WAESOL Professional Development Grant Recipient Report by Lorrae Fox

Conference Cross-Talk: Tracing Across Repertoires/Resources

2017 TESOL Conference Review Reflections by Jamie Olson