2024 Call for Proposals to Present

2024 Stepping Into the Next 50 Years 

Saturday Conference Proposals:

The 2024 WAESOL Conference Planning Committee invites you to submit a proposal to present in-person at this year’s conference taking  place on Saturday, November 2, 2024, at Renton Technical College in Renton, WA.  

Accepted presentations will receive one $45 discount on registration for the conference.  (One discount per presentation.)

If you need help in paying to attend, apply for a conference scholarship on the Grants, Awards, Scholarships page.
2024 Call for Presentation Proposals general submission deadline is September 15th.   Thanks for your interest and we look forward to reading your proposal.  Scroll down to submit your proposal.

Proposal Guidelines:

Please prepare your submissions outside of the system and check your word counts.  Then copy and paste the information into the form.  Proposals not adhering to the guidelines or exceeding the word counts will not be considered. 

Session Title: 10 word limit. Use Title Case.
Session Description: 300 word limit (2000 characters). Full description of session for reviewers. This will not appear in the conference program.
Abstract for Program: 50 word limit (360 characters). This will appear in the program online.
Speaker Biographies: 100 word limit per presenter. Include eduction and experience that is relevant to the session you are proposing. Bio will only appear online.

Categories to Highlight the 2024 Theme:

  • TESOL Career Paths: Materials writing, K-12 certification, Instructional design, etc… 
  • Issues of Equity in EL education
  • Refugee and Migrant Issues
  • Support for Students with Special Needs
  • Policy and Advocacy
  • Technology and Language Learning
  • Instructional Strategies
  • Research 
  • Other relevant topics

Session Formats:  45-minute Sessions

  • Teaching Demonstration – A teaching demonstration is used for showing rather than telling about a technique. Presenter’s statement of theory should take no longer than five minutes.
  • Workshop – A session which is oriented toward teaching practice. Workshops provide participants the opportunity to actively participate. Emphasis on providing hands-on experience rather than lecturing.
  • Research Paper /Report – Papers or reports should be based on current research and theory. They should also provide a practical benefit to the audience.
  • Panel – A panel provides both formal presentation and participant discussion. Panels generally have 10-15 minute presentations by panel members under the guidance of a chairperson who moderates the discussion period and summarizes the session at its conclusion. The organizer should submit a summary outlining the topic and objectives.
  • Informational Session – An informational session provides participants with important information about a specific topic.  While the topics may be varied in scope, the primary purpose is to inform participants on new or updated information pertaining to the instruction of English learners and language minority students and to changes/updates in policy and planning.
  • Poster Session – A poster session allows for informal discussion about pedagogy and/or research between the participants and the presenter(s) during the time the exhibit is on display.  This type of session should allow plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion.

General Guidelines

  • Proposals may be submitted by any individual or association interested in the goals and purposes of WAESOL.
  • All presenters must register for the conference and pay the conference fee. If your proposal is accepted, one presenter will receive a $40 discount on the conference registration fee (please note, this discount cannot be shared or divided).  Details will follow upon notification of acceptance. (Note: The discount is limited to one presenter registration per session.)
  • If a proposal involves more than one presenter, please include a biographical statement for each presenter on the submission form. The presenter designated in the speaker section is responsible for notifying the other presenters of the proposal’s status.
  • WAESOL will not reimburse presenters for expenses associated with the conference, including travel, living expenses, the cost of producing visual aids, handouts, or any other expense.
  • Please carefully follow the submission rules. You are advised to save your submission proposal on your computer, since our system does not include a “save” function on the submission form.
  • Detailed Instructions to Presenters will be provided prior to the conference.
  • Notification of acceptance will be made via e-mail by October 1st.

Consent: Please note that by registering and attending WAESOL’s conference, you agree to allow our organization to record and reproduce your image or voice in photographs, video, audio, and any other methods of reproduction now and in the future.

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