Winter 2023 48(1)

Title page and Table of contents

Letter from the Incoming President by David Martin

Letter from the Outgoing President by Christina Mitma Momono

Letter from the Editor by Bridget Green


3    In conversation with our keynote speaker: Deborah Short and David Martin

From the Classroom

6    Teaching gender neutrality to beginner English learners by Kara Elizabeth Padgett Freeman

9    The movie Outsourced: Classroom activities to promote intercultural fluency by Andrea Rakushin Lee, Jessica R. Rozell, Zachary W. Inman, and Elizabeth M. Harrison

13  Hear me through a legend: Incorporating literature from around the world by Khodadad (Khodi) Kaviani

17  Creating a virtual cross-cultural exchange program by Andrea Rakushin Lee


22  Exploring and supporting second language identity development among adult ESL learners by Alexander F. Tang

Reflections on Practice

26  Piaget and the ESL classroom: Meaning making and language learning by Rebecca Hartley, Cora Causey, and Josephine Prado

Professional Development

30  TESOL teachers have the expertise: Teacher leadership for school-wide English learning by Amy Stolpestad, Grace Allely, and Michelle Benegas

ELT Resources Review

34  A must-have resource for supporting K-8 math learning: Positioning English learners for success by Kathleen M. Nitta

36  Local news teaches students about their new language and their new home by Timothy Krause

38  Classtools as an engaging website for online and in-class learning by Mohamed Elhess and Elijah Lewis

Program Profiles

41  Refugee and Immigrant Connections Spokane: In the community by Kathryn Garra


44  My professional development journey by Ron Belisle

Mark your Calendar

Meet the WAESOL Board