Clock Hours

WAESOL is an approved Washington clock hour provider.   For a complete list of PESB Approved Clock Hour Providers, visit the OSPI website.  If you have questions, contact Jessica Moore, 

Following the event, click on a conference below to access the submission and payment system.  You will need the registration code you received at the clock hour sign-in table.

 2019 WAESOL Conference (Renton Technical College, October 25-26)

    2019 WABE Fall Institute (Wenatchee, WA, September 20-21)

    2019 WABE Annual Conference and Pre-Conference (Bellevue, WA, April 25-27)

        2019 Spokane Regional Conference (Spokane, February 23)

    2018 WABE Nov.-Dec. Institute (Vancouver, WA, November 29-December 1)

 2018 WAESOL Conference (Renton Technical College, October 26-27)

    2018 WABE Fall Institute (Wenatchee, WA, September 21-22)

    2018 WABE Annual Conference (Tacoma, WA, March 22-24)

        2018 Spokane Regional Conference (Spokane, February 24)

    2018 WABE Winter Institute (Vancouver, WA, January 25-27)

     2017 WABE Fall Institute (Spokane, November 3-4)

 2017 WAESOL Conference (Highline College, October 20-21)

      2017 WABE Conference (Yakima, April 20-22)

   2017 TESOL PreK-12 Day (Seattle, March 25)

   2017 International TESOL Convention (Seattle, March 20-24)

          2017 Spokane Regional Conference (Spokane, February 25)

WABE Logo       2016 WABE Dual Language Institute (Tacoma, October 28-29)

    2016 WAESOL Conference (Spokane, October 21-22)

WABE Logo      2016 WABE Conference (Bellevue, April 28-30)