Keynote 2017

Linda Grant

Sponsored by National Geographic Learning

Keynote address: The Missing Link in Speaking and Listening


The growing body of pronunciation research informing classroom teaching attests to the revival of interest in pronunciation. Yet pronunciation remains the “missing link” in many ESL programs, especially in courses dedicated to developing listening and speaking skills. In this presentation, we will explore the natural connections between pronunciation and listening. We will also identify a small number of research-based teaching points that play a critical role in spoken communication. Finally, we will look at ways to integrate these key pronunciation features seamlessly into our courses, whether they are pronunciation-dedicated or multi-skill classes.


Linda has pursued her interest in first and second language phonology for over forty years. A former audiologist, she has taught ESL students at Georgia Tech, graduate students in applied linguistics at Georgia State University, and international teaching assistants at Emory University in Atlanta. The author of two pronunciation texts for students, Well Said 4/e and Well Said Intro 2/e (National Geo Learning/Cengage) and the editor of the teacher resource volume, Pronunciation Myths: Applying Second Language Research to the Classroom (University of Michigan Press), Linda currently writes and conducts pronunciation workshops to help teachers implement research-informed best practices in their classrooms.