40th Anniversary

Teacher Interviews

ELTPics on Flickr by @SandyMillin
Photo  by @SandyMillin on ELTPics. Licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

We want to honor WAESOL’s history through the stories of all the teachers who make WAESOL what it is today. To celebrate our 40th anniversary, we have published teacher interviews of people who represent our organization.

Join us as we share our stories and celebrate!

Ed Ciok – Seattle Central Institute of English Instructor, Seattle

Bevin Taylor –  Faculty member at Highline College, Des Moines

David Kehe – Textbook author, Coordinator and ESL Instructor at Whatcom Community College

Nina Weinstein – Business English program developer and textbook author

Ron Belisle – Faculty member at Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute, Spokane

Jackie Allen-Bond – Faculty member at Clark College, Vancouver

Martha Savage – 2016 WAESOL President

Catherine Johnston – Faculty member at Clark College, Vancouver

Kimberly Russell – 2015 WAESOL President