WAESOL World Quarterly

Thanks for your interest in submitting an article for the next WAESOL World Quarterly.

Here are some submission ideas.

  • Teaching methodology or tips.
  • Teaching abroad experiences
  • Assessment — Book review
  • Grant opportunities
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Conferences attended or other professional events
  • K-12 or higher ed issues
  • Humor (e.g., My most humiliating teaching story, experience, etc.)
  • Anything that you feel is important to share with the WAESOL readers

How long should my article be?
  • Articles can be any length up to 1500 words.

Where and how do I send my material?
  • To submit your article, please attach it to this form below, the WAESOL World Quarterly Editor Laura Soracco will review it and get back to you. Do NOT include any photos, graphics or images within your Word file.

How should I send my graphics or photos?
  • Please send your photo(s) in standard .jpg or .gif or .png format as an attached file.

How do I know that my article was accepted for publishing?
  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail from the newsletter editor upon receiving your article. WAESOL will review all articles for submission. In most cases you will be notified right away whether or not you material was accepted.

Do I have to include my work title?
  • No. However, the readers prefer to know who wrote the article. Your article will be published under the name that you provide.

Will my article be edited?
  • We reserve the right to edit your article to ensure the quality of our publishing. In some cases the material will be sent back to the author. In that case we will ask you to rewrite your work.

How often can I submit my articles?
  • You may submit articles as often as you wish.