2015 Tri-TESOL Conference Proceedings

Tri-TESOLTri-TESOL 2015 – Transcending Boundaries and Interweaving Perspectives: Conference Proceedings

The Tri-TESOL conference, a unique collaboration between WAESOLORTESOL and BC TEAL has become a Pacific-Northwest tradition bringing together ESOL professionals for two days of sharing, networking and professional development. For Tri-TESOL 2015, we are pleased to present these Proceedings. This is the first time we have included proceedings as an option for conference presenters and these manuscripts represent a range of ideas, practices, research and initiatives.

Publishing the conference proceedings would not be possible without the support and involvement of many individuals. We extend our thanks to Tri-TESOL 2015 conference organizing committee, and to the WAESOL, ORTESOL and BC TEAL boards of directors for their support of this initiative. Proceedings of course also do not exist without the work and dedication of the authors themselves who took the step of making their conference presentations and putting those ideas in print. The manuscripts went through a rigorous double-blind peer-review and editing process as documented in our guidelines. We thank the reviewers as well as the associate editors who worked with authors to help those individuals with revisions and edits. The attention to detail and care involved in this process was exceptional.

The guiding philosophy that we worked with was one of wanting to support and encourage authors throughout the process. We hope that you enjoy the articles in these Proceedings and that you find them of use in your teaching practice and research.

Joe Dobson & Martha Savage

Tri-TESOL 2015 Conference Proceedings Co-Editors

Editorial staff


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  • 1. Title July 2016 Tri-TESOL 2015 Conference Proceedings ISBN: 978-0-692-74488-8 Tri-TESOL2015 Conference Proceedings


This section highlights the nine papers chosen through consultation for the Tri-TESOL 2015 Conference Proceedings. We express our congratulations to these authors and our appreciation of their well-written papers.

SREC: A New Tapestry of Collaboration in ELL Education – Joan Johnston Nelson and Gina Mikel Petrie

Teaching Cultural Identity: Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Café – Susanna Fawkes

Student-Teacher Conferencing: ESL Learners’ Perspectives Explored – Nouf Alqahtani and Caroline Payant

Fostering Pragmatic Competence: Strategies and Materials for Email Writing – Anna Krulatz and Koeun Park

Promoting Pragmatic Competence: Focus on Refusals – Anna Krulatz and Tülay Dixon

Using the Academic Word List to Promote Academic Writing – Mary Martha Savage

Let’s Get SIRIous! Voice Recognition in Language Learning – James Hunter

Incorporating Host Families in Foreign Exchange Learning – Susan E. Caisse

ESOL Strategies in STEM Content Classroom Teaching – Catherine Kim

Combined papers