Summer/Autumn Issue 2016

Letter from the Editor

Hello WAESOL Friends,

Welcome to the summer-autumn issue of the WAESOL World Quarterly!

This issue of the WWQ is coming out as we are celebrating another great accomplishment. Let’s applaud the WAESOL 2016 Annual Conference organizers and attendees for another successful experience. It was great seeing many of you at the conference in Spokane!

In this edition of the WWQ, you will read a brief report by two of the WAESOL Board members who attended TESOL Advocacy and Policy Summit 2016 in Washington D.C. One teaching tip, a pedagogical idea, a book review, and names of the winners of the 2016 WAESOL Grants, Award and Scholarships are also included in this issue.  Finally, you will learn about upcoming professional development opportunities across the nation.

One major goal of the WWQ is to provide opportunities for the WAESOL community to share their creative ideas, interact with peers, and develop professionally. Your contributions to the WWQ will help achieve this goal, so please share your classroom techniques and stories with us. You can submit your papers here.

We hope you enjoy reading this collection as you prepare for your winter quarter.


Nasrin Nazemi

WAESOL World Quarterly Editor


WAESOL World Quarterly Summer/Autumn 2016 Content

Letter from the President

Report on TESOL Advocacy & Policy Summit 2016

Winners of WAESOL 2016 Grants, Award, and Scholarship

Five Methods of Maximizing Student Success in the Classroom

Using Cartoons to Enhance Learners’ Listening, Speaking, and Writing

Book Review- Teaching L2 Composition, Purpose, Process, and Practice

Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities