Duties of the Board

President: The President shall preside at all business meetings of the association and at all meetings of the board. The President shall appoint such special and standing committees as the Board deems necessary to the efficient operation of the organization. The President shall also serve as co-chair of the conference planning committee with the President Elect and Past President.

President Elect: In the President’s absence from a meeting, the President Elect shall assume duties. The President Elect shall assume the responsibilities and title of President the following year. The President Elect shall also undertake administrative duties as designated by the President. The President Elect shall also serve as co-chair of conference planning committee with the President and Past President.

Recording Secretary: The duties of the Recording Secretary are to record the minutes of all Board Meetings and the Annual Business Meeting of the general membership and then distribute those minutes in a timely manner. In addition, the Secretary shall ensure that appropriate procedures are followed during Board and annual meetings.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for conducting and maintaining the financial records of the organization, serve as the primary signer on financial accounts, and work with the accountant to submit any tax documents. At the Annual Business meeting, the Treasurer shall present to the membership an annual written financial report, specifying sources and amounts of income and expenses.

Assistant Treasurer: Assist Treasurer with the maintenance of financial records, preparation of documents, and communication with the Board regarding finances of WAESOL. The Assistant Treasurer shall be listed as a signer on all financial accounts.

Past President: The Past President shall serve as the Liaison Officer to International TESOL and other related organizations. As the Liaison Officer, the Past President will be responsible for communication between the affiliate and International TESOL, serving as the official WAESOL representative at the TESOL Convention. Such duties shall include submission of annual reports and copies of relevant documents to TESOL. The Past President shall also serve as co-chair of conference planning committee with the President and President Elect. The Past President shall also act in an advisory capacity to the officers and may assist with duties as needed.


There are eight members-at-large on the board with at least one member-at-large representing an area of the state outside of the Puget Sound region. The eight members-at-large are broadly representative of the various areas of interest of the members.

Members-at-large serve 2-year terms each from January through December. They attend the four board meetings per year and the annual business meeting (see dates at the top of the page), and participate in planning for and implementing the annual conference.  Members-at-large also serve on one or more committees (e.g. Nominating and Elections Committee, Publications Committee, Grants and Awards Committee, Outreach Committee).  To learn more about how to get involved, contact us: pamela@waesol.org